Workplace Food Service Safety Posters

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Dish Washing By Hand Poster

This colorful poster outlines the three steps to take when washing restaurant dishes by hand. Explains how to sanitize dishes to ensure cleanliness.

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RS-DWH-EL - Standard - English 18x12 $9.95
RS-DWH-SL - Standard - Spanish 18x12 $9.95

Food Service Blood Borne Pathogens Poster

Code of Federal Regulations [29:1910.1030] details what employers must do to protect workers whose jobs put them at a reasonable risk of coming into contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials. This informative safety poster thoroughly outlines the OSHA code and covers such topics such as sharps containers|| personal protective equipment|| reporting exposure incidents|| HBV vaccinations|| decontamination|| and regulated waste. Custom designed for the food service industry.

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RS-BB-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-BBFS-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Food Service OSHA "Right to Know" Notices Poster

Addresses safety issues critical to the food service industry. Poster includes nine sections addressing OSHA notification requirements: 1. OSHA “It’s the Law” Notice 2. Choke Saving Training 3. First Aid Training (pertinent to the food service industry) 4. Access to Medical Records 5. Location of Medical Records 6. Bloodborne Pathogens training poster specific to food service industry 7. Safety Meeting Schedule 8. OSHA Log Form 300A – summary of injuries 9. Emergency Numbers

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RS-OSHAN-EL - Standard - English 27x36 $29.95

Keeping Temperature Safe Poster

Spoiled food can cost you money and get your customers sick, which can cost you even more money! This poster reminds your employees of the steps to take to keep food at its proper temperature.

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RS-FT-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-FT-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Produce and Salad Prep Area Poster

Four steps to eliminate cross contamination of food in the produce/salad preparation area. Good reminder to your food preparation people on how to do their job with food safety in mind.

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RS-PSP-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-PSP-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Refrigeration Safety Poster

Five easy steps to insure the safety of your food inventory in refrigeration. Also reminds your employees to keep the door closed saving you on the power bill!

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RS-RF-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-RF-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Restaurant Safety Awareness Combination Poster

We’ve taken four of our most popular Restaurant Safety posters and put them on this 24″ by 36″ combination poster to make it easy to post these important topics in your restaurant. The four posters included are: Storeroom Safety & Guidelines; Serving Line Requirements; Refrigeration Means Food Safety; and Dishwashing by Hand. Purchased separately these four posters would be $39.80. At this price it gives you a savings of almost 50%.

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RS-COM-EL - Standard - English 24x36 $19.95

Serving Line Requirements Poster

Educate employees on the proper safety procedures to take when serving food on a salad bar or buffet.

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RS-SL-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-SL-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Storeroom Safety Guideline Poster

Educate employees for basic but critical steps to ensure food safety at all time with this daily reminder.

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RS-SR-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-SR-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Teen Restaurant Worker Safety Poster

Nine Do,s and Don’ts from OSHA specifically for teen workers in the food service industry.

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RS-TW-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95

Thermometer Use Poster

Educate employees for basic but critical steps to ensure food safety at all time with this daily reminder.

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RS-TU-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RS-TU-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

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