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Personal Appearance Poster

Your employee’s appearance is the first thing your customers see and experience about your restaurant. Educate them on common sense appearance guidelines.

Description Size Price Qty  
RA-PA-EL - Standard - English 17x12 $9.95
RA-PA-SL - Standard - Spanish 18x12 $9.95

Restaurant Appearance Combined Poster

We’ve taken four of our most popular Restaurant Safety posters and put them on this 24″ by 36″ combination poster to make it easy to post these important topics in your restaurant. The four posters included are: Storeroom Safety & Guidelines, Serving Line Requirements, and Dishwashing by Hand. Purchased separately these four posters would be $39.80. At this price it gives you a savings of almost 50%.

Description Size Price Qty  
RA-COM-EL - Standard - English 24x36 $19.95
RA-COM-SL - Standard - Spanish 24x36 $19.95

Restaurant Hand Washing Procedure Poster

Educate employees on the basic concepts of hand cleanliness. Clearly outlines steps employees should take to insure they have clean hands at work according to the methods required by the U.S. Food Code.

Description Size Price Qty  
RA-HW-EL - Standard - English 12x18 $9.95
RA-HW-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

Restaurant Personal Hygiene Poster

Excellent reminder to employees about their overall appearance and the way they present themselves to your customers and their fellow employees.

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RA-PH-EL - Standard - English 18x12 $9.95
RA-PH-SL - Standard - Spanish 12x18 $9.95

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